The Importance of Sunscreen in Winter

The colder days of the year can easily make us forget about the negative effects sunlight can have on our skin.  When our skin is cold it tends to feel the sunlight less, keeping us under the impression that our skin is protected. However, using sun protection in Winter is as important as using sunscreen during summer.

During the cooler months of the year the Ozone layer that protects the planet is thinner and our skin is more sensitive to sunlight due to less production of melanin.

Every day we are exposed to sunlight; when we drive or sit/walk by a window.  Even if we do not feel the sun burning our skin, in the long-term sun damage keeps adding up every day. This can lead to hyperpigmentation, premature signs of aging and permanent sun damage.

The importance of Sunscreen in Winter

Choosing the right sunscreen is important.  The cold winds of wintertime can make your skin very dry, so a sunscreen that can protect and moisturise your skin is ideal.      If your sunscreen has a tint, it can give your skin a natural looking glow and help it look fresh and dewy despite the drying weather.  You could also choose complimentary ingredients to assist your skincare routine depending on your skin type.     

Noosa Naturals’ Glow Getter is a mineral sunscreen with amazing ingredients such as Green Tea, Vitamin E, B complex to name a few, will become a perfect addition to your skin care routine.


It is very important to remember to reapply your favourite sunscreen every two hours when possible, and don’t neglect areas such as, neck (front and back), chest and hands.  If it’s a beach or pool day don’t forget to apply all over, wherever skin is exposed to the sun.

It can be easy to forget to apply or reapply sunscreen during Winter, so you can always set a reminder on your phone, keep one in the bathroom, one in the car, one in your bag or put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror.  Just try to always remind yourself of the great benefits an organic, clean sunscreen can give you.   When you find a sunscreen that you love and makes you glow such as Sun Visor,  it will be less likely you forget to apply it.