Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Growing a tiny human is one of the most empowering and exhausting things a woman can do. It is a miracle that we can create life and it is incredible to watch our bodies transform. One thing for sure is that during this time, more than ever, we need to nourish and protect our skin.

Pregnancy hormones can completely change your skin and what irritates it.              For this reason, you may want to simplify your skincare routine and focus on what your body is really needing. Many women find that during pregnancy and those early months post-partum, their skin becomes dry and is lacking the plump feeling it would usually have. If you are feeling this way, a good option would be to focus on hydration and protection (SPF).

Growing a baby comes with a set of rules and whether you are an avid user of sunscreen or not, it can be hard to know what is and isn’t safe to put on your skin during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

So, is sunscreen safe for pregnancy?

The short answer is yes!

Sunscreen is essential for skin protection; this goes for every day of the year not just when you are pregnant. During pregnancy however, you skin can react differently to sunlight due to the change in hormones. There is limited research when it comes to chemical sunscreens during pregnancy. Chemical sunscreens protect your skin by absorbing UVA and UVB rays, whereas physical (mineral) sunscreens reflect the UV rays from your skin.

Noosa Naturals sunscreens contain high quality mineral protection with the active ingredient being Zinc Oxide. These 100% natural and organic sunscreens offer SPF 50 broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and are certified to the highest of TGA standards.

It is extremely important to take precautions to look after your skin during pregnancy, so add that SPF to your morning routine, wear a hat and good quality sunglasses and stay in the shade when you can.

2. How do I know which Noosa Natural Sunscreen is right for me during pregnancy?

Well the good news is there are two options to choose from!

Glow Getter is packed full of powerful antioxidants. Key ingredients in this hero product are Sea Buckthorn to brighten and hydrate skin, Chamomile which contains calming anti-inflammatory properties to sooth sensitivity and redness, and Green Tea to reduce redness, inflammation and promote skin clarity. Glow Getter has a beautiful, glowy finish and is best suited to dryer skin types.

Glow Getter is perfect for anyone who likes the feel of a physical barrier on their skin and loves the natural glow from hydrating ingredients. (Pregnancy glow is not the only thing you will be getting compliments on!).

Sun Visor is our lightweight yet powerful SPF protection for all skin types with a weightless, sheer finish. Sun Visor is naturally tinted and has a satin finish.

Key ingredients that play a part in the hydrating formula of Sun Visor is Sunflower Seed Oil to maintain skin’s natural barrier and supporting its ability to retain moisture, Jojoba Oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps to calm and hydrate the skin, and Hinokitiol which is a super powerful antibacterial ingredient helping to combat blemishes, rosacea, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

We hope this helps simplify protecting your skin against the sun during pregnancy. If you are concerned, we always recommend reaching out to a doctor, dermatologist or skincare professional for personalised advice.