How To Wear Sunscreen Under Makeup


It is so important to wear sunscreen every single day. We say this a lot because we mean it!

With a skin care product so imperative, we want to make sure we can and want to wear it, no matter what.

A 2019 study shows that 39% of Australian women aged 18+ wear makeup every single day

Navigating how to best wear sunscreen with makeup can really help those 39% (and more) Australian women protect their beautiful skin while still achieving desirable every day makeup results. And just to clarify, when we refer to wearing sunscreen with makeup, we certainly don’t mean the SPF content in makeup, and if you are one of those people who rely on the SPF in your foundation to protect your beautiful skin from the sun, you need to read on!


First thing’s first, start with your serums and lotions on a clean canvas. Your morning skincare routine should look something like this: cleanse, serums, moisturisers, sunscreen.


Some people might like to skip the lotion/ moisturiser step altogether, and just apply sunscreen. This is absolutely fine too; in fact our Noosa Naturals Sunscreens are so hydrating and benefit the skin in so many ways that often you won’t need to apply anything underneath! It is completely up to the individual. We recommend playing around with a few different routines to find out what works best for your skin. Always remember, what works for one person might not work for another.

Because our Noosa Naturals sunscreens are physical, zinc-based sunscreens, you may notice that they don’t glide onto the skin as effortlessly as chemical sunscreens. The best way to apply your Noosa Naturals sunscreen is as follows…



Apply 3-4 pumps into your palms, warm up the product by rubbing it in between your fingertips and apply evenly to your entire face and neck. It is extremely important to not miss any areas of the face. A common mistake people make is applying sunscreen to the nose and cheek area only, forgetting that foreheads, chins and necks absorb the exact same UV rays.

Once you have rubbed the sunscreen in, hang 10! Make your bed, make a coffee, prepare your lunch for the day or have a boogie. Waiting 10 minutes before applying any kind of makeup allows your Noosa Naturals sunscreen to soak beautifully into the skin and dry clear, ready for these next steps…


Once the 10 minutes is up, apply your primer. Be gentle with this step as we don’t want to disrupt the sunscreen underneath. If you don’t use a primer, reach straight for the foundation. Liquid and powder foundations both work wonderfully with Noosa Naturals sunscreens, so again, this is personal preference.

If you are using a liquid foundation, it might be a nice idea to sweep a finishing powder over the top to set your sunscreen and foundation in place. Finish by applying your blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyebrow gel, mascara… whatever tickles your fancy! And ta-da! Protected skin and a gorgeous, glowy makeup look!


Now, as for touch ups, this can always be a bit tricky. Because we generally don’t swim, sweat or aggressively rub our faces when wearing makeup, it isn’t imperative to apply your Noosa Naturals sunscreen over the top of your makeup every two hours, and apply more makeup over that. Trust us, we understand how inconvenient this can be! In these cases, it would be suitable to invest in a powdered foundation containing SPF. Sweep some of this powder on your face and neck every two hours to further protect your beautiful skin from the sun. It is so important to ensure all those UV rays are blocked throughout the entire day.

And there you have it, our tips to wearing sunscreen with makeup, so that our faces can look great, feel nice and be protected all at the same time!